Dynamic Movement With Hybrid Personal Training Plans

Fun, Engaging and Unique Fitness Regiments For Every of Athlete.

Invest In Yourself

Our plans will provide dynamic techniques that will keep you interested and maximize athletic performance.

Find An Optimal Routine

Our physiological specialist will help naturally cycle your routine to prevent plateaus and ensure consistent growth.

Backed By Research

Following the latest advances in exercise science, constantly innovating and always keeping an edge.

Take The Next Step

What you really need is to become more dynamic.

Our workout plans are about rebuilding your body.

Basic 1 Month Workout Plan

$ 80 One Time

You’re new to working out and need a simple plan to help you get in shape. This is a 4-week only plan, that does not change. You have the option to choose 2,3, or 4 workouts per week.

  • Comprehensive Weight Training & Conditioning
  • Expose Yourself to New Movements
  • Dynamically Increase Your Range Of Motion With Free Movement Tutorials
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Remote Coaching

$125 Per Month

Personalized coaching on demand and at your convenience.

  • Goal Setting & Physiological Assessment
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Step By Step Accountability Plan
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Hybrid Coaching

$200 Per Month

Take your athletic potential to the next level by learning in person and the flexibility of training at your own schedule.

  • 1-2 In Person Sessions Per Month
  • A Dynamic Plan That Fits Your Goals
  • Build Strength And Correct Inbalances
  • 100% Custom Workout Plan
Reach Your Goals

3 Month Program Bundle

$300 One Time

Never get bored doing the same workouts ever again.

  • 90 Days Of Personalized Programs
  • Take A Scientific Approach To Meeting Your Goals
  • Create A Dynamic Body With Progressed Movements
  • Intelligently Cycle Your Workouts To Prevent Plateau
Build a Better Body

Dyanmic Plus Plan

$800 One Payment

Become more well rounded and take your abilities to the next level by having a blend of rehab, injury prevention, and performance improvements all in one!

  • 4 Hands On Movement Correction Sessions
  • 2 Months Of Original Workout Programs
  • 2 In person Or Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Maintain Consistency With 2 Accountability Check In Calls
Change Your Life

Dynamic Plus 2.0

$1200 Once

Are you ready for a total transformation of your body? Gain total movement competency, reduce injury rates, and maximize your performance!

  • 6 Hands On Movement Correction Sessions
  • 3 Months Of Original Workout Programs
  • 4 In person Or Virtual Coaching Sessions
  • Build Great Habits With 4 Accountability Check In Calls
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