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Running Injuries: The Ankle
IT Band Pain And Why You Can't Stretch It
Why Does My Hip Pinch In A Squat?

Having that pinching in your hip when you lower into a squat? This is not an uncommon occurrence, even if you are not an avid weightlifter.  The reason why you are having this pain is based on a typical strategy that I have seen time and time again.  Want to know what it is....... Of course you do.  Lets start by looking at what happens in a squat under normal conditions.  The knees should translate forward (yes it is ok they go over the toes) while maintaining heel contact on the ground. This ensures that the hips stay directly under the torso in a straight line.  If the butt shoots back...

Spinal Stenosis. What Is It Really?
Touching Your Toes May Not Be A Hamstring Problem
Why Rest And Ice Rarely Work
Potential Causes For Sciatica Pain
Why Stretching Doesn't Really Work
Importance Of Being A Multi-Sport Athlete

To many times nowadays, youth athletes, as young as 5 or 6 years old are starting to be specialized in a specific sport.  At this age, kids have a wide spectrum in their ability to move based on growth rates, learning ability, genetics, and other factors out of their control. It's not until about age 13 do adolescents start to gain more body awareness and are able to handle more complex movements.  Having a narrowed training regimen can hinder a youth athletes ability to develop a broad spectrum of skills that can be built upon in the future. ​ Let's say you have a child that is about 8 years...

Explaining Your Pain

"Pain is weakness leaving the body" ​ What a load of garbage that phrase is. ​ Or even better- "NO Pain NO Gain". This phrase puts my mind in the state that the kids call "TRIGGERED" [Image] Everyone experiences pain at some point in time, but how do we make sense of it all?  Some people experience pain more intensely than others, even if they has the same exact injury. Let's start with what pain really is, and how is manifests in the body.  Pain is constructed in the brain.  Our nerves are an electrical highway that passes information to be processed in the brain. They can gather informati...