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There are tons of exercises you can find that will claim to improve the health of your shoulder, along with increasing the overall mobility. The problem is, most of the recommended exercises actually restrict motion and can further exacerbate problems down the line. If you are having trouble reaching the arm overhead, then performing exercises such as banded pull apart, or I's, T's, and Y's, will actually hinder the ability to get overhead.  Why can this be? The scapula sits on top of the ribcage, and must have space between it in order to rotate upwards and create overhead motions.  [Image]...

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Get Golf Ready Part 2: Keeping The Shoulders Loose

Last week we talked about loosening the low back up so that the hip scan do the work in a swing.  Today we can dive into the shoulder stiffness that creeps up in a swing.  Many times it is caused by the shoulder trying to make up for lack of rotation in the torso... | Just like we talked about last week with the low back taking on extra strain due to a lack of rotation in the hips, the same can be said for the upper torso and shoulders. We create torque and rotation thru our upper torso, allowing the arms to come along for the ride.  Unfortunately, if the torso cannot create the rotation nec...

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