Why Do I Keep Hurting?

“Ugh, not again.”

I'm sure that’s a common phrase when you get another twinge in the back, shoulder, or whatever body part decides to “act up” again while doing something as minor as taking a step. So why does something like this happen at random times with no rhyme or reason? 

Pain can be tricky as multiple factors contribute to it, but for the sake of argument, we are talking about mechanical pain that we get when we do something for a certain period or movements that cause it.

Here it is again, that dreaded back pain that I never used to have, but now it just keeps coming back whenever I do X too long.”

The above statement usually results from something that has happened over time without our awareness until it crosses the threshold, and now we are suddenly feeling symptoms we never felt before.

Movement inefficiency can exist for a very long period. The repetitive actions of inefficient movement that get magnified over time cause a detriment. With these mini changes occurring over time, you will eventually hit a wall and now have a “problem.” The problem was already there, but it is not perceived as a problem because you are now aware of it.
Here’s the kicker. Once the awareness comes, you may think, “I just need to back off a little bit.” Sure, that may provide temporary relief, but since you have become more aware, the movement inefficiency still exists, so the mechanical problem did not disappear. As a result, you will feel things again once you start back up, and at a faster rate.

Below is a video that will describe this exactly. 

So what's the solution?

Find a way to improve the efficiency of your activities so you do not continue to make compensations. Reducing gravity's demands and moving in supported or holding supported positions may be a good start. If you have difficulty pinpointing and identifying where you fall short, you may need another set of eyes to help you look.

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