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Potential Reasons For Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a very complex joint with many muscles and ligaments passing through it. Because of its complexity, it is also one of the most mobile joints in the body. Wh...

A Three Step Methodology For Keeping Pain Away

Find The Root Cause
Treat Your Pain With Dynamic Physical Therapy
Rebuild Your Body
Rebuild Your Body 
         With Physical Therapy
Perform Better Than Ever
Rebuild Your Body 
         With Physical Therapy

Dynamic Performance & Rehab

Feel Better Than Ever

Physical Therapy & Personal Training

Personal Training

Wether you're a kid chasing his dreams of going pro or just a casual athlete we can help you increase your performance and have more fun then ever before with our exclusive workout plans Start by becoming a member today.

Dynamic Movement

How do you get an edge over the competition? By becoming more dynamic. It's more than just strenght, speed, or power. Our approach is designed to make you a well rounded competitent athlete by reprogramming your body.

Live Pain Free

You don't need to put up with nagging injuries. We can help balance your body and heal your injruies with our dynamic functional movements.

Boost Your Mood

Fitness isn't just about looks. Scientific research has shown that exercise provides a plethora of benefits like anti-aging, increased cognition and positive mood!

Level Up With Dynamic Performance & Rehab